Numbering Stars

1 June to 21 June

Thienny Lee Gallery, Sydney NSW

Numbering Stars is a body of work produced as part of a creative fellowship Jo Chew received from ADM. Through a contemporary interpretation, Jo Chew refers to the ancient story of Abraham for this series to explore ideas of hope and optimism amid vulnerability and despair – in part as a reaction to current world concerns. This series is influenced by stage design, collage and dioramas, and medieval depictions of Abraham.

“This method involves making small collages and dioramas out of paper and card, often containing art-historical references, from which to draft the bigger paintings. Throwing these disparate and awkward shapes and objects together speaks to the messy and broken reality of life, but through the act of painting, the saturation of colour and boldness of line these fragile and initially singular elements are given weight and unity.” – Jo Chew